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"God's Salvation and God's Mercy"

You are invited to journey on an adventure, and experience how God works in our lives.

Christ reflects His Merciful Father who stretches out His hands to take you in His arms and forgive you your sins. He loves you infinitely and longs to meet with you. He is quick to greet you and illuminate your path, so you no longer are lost. Turn your gaze to Christ, so you can better see how much He cares for you and so you can feel loved. When you allow God to embrace you with His light, you will feel God's warm love, and you will discover His unfathomable mercy that will touch your heart so deeply.

This little book invites you to reflection and action. Click on the link and read what God has to say to you!


Mosaic and symbolism

The mosaic is like an open bibel book, filled with symbols that talk directly to the heart.Are part of the present generation we are accustomed to using visual aids; therefore this mosaic has been reproduced as a new form of evangelization. The colors in the mosaic create both harmony and contrast and give a clear message about the secret of God's infinite love for mankind. The mosaic has an affect on both the eye and the heart. Experience it for yourself!The project consists of the exhibition containing the whole mosaic and a small book in several languages, written for you.

It is a gift from the Church in Denmark to the Church in Poland and indeed the whole world, in connection with The Jubilee Year of Mercy and World Youth Days in Krakow in 2016.

The mosaic is exhibited in Krakow in the "Sanktuarium John Paul II 'Do not be afraid'" and in the chapel of St. Margarita & Judith during the WYD, where thousands of young people from all over the world will be coming to meet Pope Francis.

When the Pope Saint John Paul II was in Denmark in 1989, his motto was: "Preach the Gospel to every creature! Mk 15,16" This still applies today!During WYD in Krakow 2016, the young people from Denmark will, for the first time in history, have the oppertunity to contribute with a concrete evanglization project which they have produced themselves "God’s salvation and God’s mercy".


By clicking on each mosaic illustration, from Alpha to Omega, you can clearly see God’s plan of Salvation from start to finish.

Read more about the mosaic HERE

Read more about the symbols HERE

History and journey of the Mosaic

In 2003 a group of students from St Albany School and members of St Albany DUK, Odense, under the leadership of Sr.Terezja Piękoś of the Mary Immaculate Sisters from Dębica in Poland, made a cloth mosaic with religious motives under the title ”God’s plan of Salvation.”


The mosaic is exhibited in Cracow in the "Sanctuary of St. John Paul II 'Do not be afraid'" and in the chapel of Sts. Margarita og Judith during the WYD, where thousands of young people from all over the world will be coming to meet Pope Francis.

The mosaic has been a part of many exihibtions, both in Denmark and Poland. (see HERE)





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It is a huge project that will only be covered by voluntary contributions. Therefore, we ask everyone to support this fantastic evangelization project through prayer and gift of the heart.

All contributions are kindly requested to be paid to:

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Mary Immaculate Sisters
Project leader –S.M.Terezja Piękoś SBDNP


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